i tried tumblr.

well readers i took a break my life was a little bit hetic and well honestly i LOVE you wordpress. Tumblr is weird and i HATE it. never ever. ha. well i wont say never ever really trying to get my sites up and going and get my little side work activites started.

Future goals with wordpress.

I want to double my follwers. i would also like to work online from home and see if i can make a go of it. im going to try google adsense and see what i can do with it.

Honestly tho, wordpress if more for the adult user and tublr is cool if you like pokemon gifs and random crap 24/7.

dont get me wrong i love my random crap i post but im not 12 and most people on tumblr i feel are so young that they dont relate and i get no views and it was a sucky time on there so stay tuned my vacation from wordpress is now over and im back.

Just wait for the posting flood to begin. muah ha ha ha i have so much to write about stay tuned. ps. i have no life and this is what i do in my free time because i enjoy writing and thought sharing ect. maybe im weird? but then why are we all here? cant agree more if i do say so myself.


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