Social media. How does it really take its effects on people.

Okay so honestly ive been wanting to do a little side project other than hair. Coming across websites like

Social media insights

Makes me want to try to give it a go. to see what i can do with it and see how far i can push it and heck if i dont make money thats fine and if i do even better.

So honestly what would you expect a social media helper or consultant whatever you would like to call it. What would they do for you? tell me your thoughts and I may design you some free website graphics. I do work on that too finished for my first REAL client. and ill post the image later its not on my laptop currently.

when I cant sleep i blog and when i blog im usually content. this is my main page where i just post my random thoughts pages ideas and other things. so lets give me feedback and ill give one random person who comments what they would like a social media helper to do for them or what they expect from a graphic designer to design for them.

One winner gets a page of your choice with a custom design. Now wordpress readers leave me comments and let me know what you think of this.


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