My other mother 

most people picture this evil lady. Nope not my in law. 

Some see a mother inlaw as this lady who hates people near her son(s) nope not mine.

Hell she’s had 4 boys she wants her time alone now. 

So let me tell you about my ruthie my other mom (no offense to my mom if she reads this) ( I know you follow me and i happen to call dave and Ruth mom & dad ) just had to make that clear because my mom follows this blog like its a rigion.. Ha

Anyways about my other mother she’s not like my mom at all. But I love both of you for being unique in your own way. She cooks anything and everything I could ever even imagine physically possible. She can sew anything as  well. She also had a career outside of being a mom she was a teacher. 👍😀 

Which is great when I need tips on how to get my kid to be productive at school or how to help her with learning. 

But what I love most about her. She has a huge heart. Yeah not everyone may see this if you don’t piss her off you will see it. You disrespect her nope you will not see a glimmer of this. Because this has to be earned and it’s me a reward. If you want her love respect and compassion you damn well better show her the same or get none! 

She always has time for a random conversation. I tend to bug her quite frequently over kids life or me messing up dinner because im not good at cooking. Ha!

She always has time for her daughter-in-love. I don’t know if she knows how much we appreciate her efforts especially me. I watch her take care of her mother and grandma lou who are quite the handful which is a major challenge in itself and for that I applaud you because that is one hell of a job!. She raised 4 fine boys who are all grown men now. Even at times when I can’t stand my hubby (sorry dear but im pretty damn honest) i still love him even when he’s a asshole. 

If she was to read this right now she may smirk since today he’s pushed a few buttons with his parents. 

Oh well right? You live you learn you get over it and put it behind you. Well I do anyway.  Ahh  isn’t life grand? Sure can be crazy hetic insane but also beautiful lovely and peaceful  all at once. My other mother helps show me that . She points out the little details that I tend to bypass (which now I try to observe) 😝

She teaches me many many life lessons. I try to picture it thru her eyes and it’s amazing the perspective you gain everyone should try to do so. She barley has time to her self and is always up for a chat or visit or the grandkids. You have inspired me to do so much more for myself and become better,wiser and stronger! 

So thank you for raising 4 men. Dealing with a house of boys isn’t on my wishi list but someone had to do it and that someone was you. 


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