25 years young the bucket list that i never completed

well i had this whole “im going to do this by 25” list.

bucket list if you want to call it that.

have most people done this? well id hope im not the only one because i didnt accomplish any of the items on it. yeah yeah i know i fail. or maybe not maybe i won..

well well well.. i wanted to do these before 25

feed a tiger *** yeah  i didn’t do that not even close.. dont even want to think i was like 12 when i thought of that one.

ice skate*** yeah i still have NEVER done this.

(dear husband if you read this blog post take me ice skating!)

surf** yeah im terrified of the ocean never gonna happen i know this now.

snowboard*** yeah i never have even tried but i can skateboard so thats kinda like this right? yeah no.. i know i know.

when i was 5-6 i always told myself how when im 25 i will have amazing hair more shiny and longer than my barbies..

my hair is above my shoulders but below the ears hahaha.

I always said how i would own my own home at this age well i was wrong again.

Ride an elephant*** i did do this score!

Ride a rollercoaster*** i did this too and well i almost pissed my pants it was terrifying and 6 flags gave me a new fear that no one wants sitting near them….

go to vegas*** yeah why the hell havent i done this?!?!

DInseyworld*** yeah i went to disneyland once at 15 and not since boo.. (hubby again if you read this take me and the kids asap k thanks)

I like how i write little comments on blogs to him like he is gonna respond or something when he probly never reads this blog anyway. oh well.

on with my list…

I figured id have a pink corvette as well.. no i dont have that

i figured id see nsync and sadly i havent

what have i done you might ask? lots of things.

The list i completed.

job ** check

Drive bmw*** check

have cute kids** check

be married** check

see a concert** check

be awesome**check


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