To my mom. 

Well, I’d like to say I know her better than anyone else. Maybe I do maybe I don’t. But, one thing forsure she’s the only mom I have. Actually the only biological parent i even have. So here’s a little story on my mom. 

She’s not the adventure or thrill sleeping type. Not her type of fun. 

One thing forsure is she likes to be called “nana” 

Probably her favorite thing is to be with haley. Other than working out I’ve never met someone who is so fit at her age. And well it’s not common these days eitber. People tend to let themself go. At least my mom didn’t she has goals even if her goal is looking better than her peers from highschool. It’s sill a goal. More of a personal one id say. She’s got confidence because she looks as good as she feels about her inner self.

My favorite picture of us. 

We don’t have many pics together but this one is nice it is simple but yet my favorite. We both just look happy, content, stress free, it’s a good look for us. My moms tiny super short and skinny. That’s her style. 

Plus who else can throw Ther husband a birthday party get hammerd and take a selfie with their mom? I can. Be jealous because we can do that kind of thing we don’t judge we just chill as we are. Don’t be fooled by her size she’s stronger than she looks! But she’s a confident, content, happy self sufficient person. 

People can say what they want about anything. People can put words together and try to impress someone or put a thought into their mindset. Me on the other hand, im just glad she’s my mom. 

Her sisters would say she’s weird. But she holds down steady work. Really that’s because she’s not like them. She doesn’t do the same activities they do. And she’s half their size. She is tiny I’ll agree.shes great with art. She doesn’t cook but her house is super clean.  But that’s not “weird” and weird isnt actually bad. Means your different you stick  out. So mom be yourself be as weird as possible who cares! Embrace the weirdness and just go with the flow. I know i myself do.

But my moms not like your mom. She’s really not just a mom it’s more than that. She’s also a friend  who’s experienced life with me. 

Growing up it was me and her at home. We didn’t have tons of money but we had the company of one another. That’s really all kids need is someone to spend some time with them. 

 That’s why I think time is the most important factor in relationships. Weather it’s a child, parent , friend or spouce. Time spent show more than sending an expensive gift. It shows you are making efforts towards something. Time can’t. Be replaced but material items can be. 

She’s successful in her own way. She maintained her looks. That’s successful also youd never know she’s a independent person with many strengths. I saw that side the side when we lived in the ghetto. I am saw her struggle and most people would of given up at those points. But she’s determined. But she was up-beat about things. We would make art. Lots of art. Maybe that’s where my creative intuitive sense comes from. 

So thanks for being your self mom I have learned many lessons from you along the way. Im sure I’ll learn many more as time goes on.  What I’ve learned its be independent, be yourself, and life can get tough but it won’t stay that way.! And embrace your self, feelings and style even if it makes people say your weird. 


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