This is my style. My look.

What is style? I’d say it’s a creative expression you show through personal looks. Weather it’s in the make up, hair or clothing everyone has style. Even if it’s undefined it’s Still there. It’s what makes you unique in your own way! So love it, enjoy it and must importantly be confident in whatever you do. 

So what im wearing my fav hoodie and rocking my big hair. Big hair is me its my key element to my personal style . 

My hair is always a expression something. It makes its own statement.

Red said hey everyone look at me I don’t give two fucks about your opinion but don’t for how awesome I am

Brown long hair was me trying to be noemal needless to say it didn’t last long

This was my im edgy, sassy and I know I look good! Hair. It was my feel good color. 

Kinda the same as above 

This one here was just flat out a mistake. I hated it but what I learned is hair is changed easily anyway but style can easily represent you. It makes you feel different and this one made me feel bland so not. Style I want to rock 

This was my i lost my style and was boring. What fun was it ? None sure way maintenance and such but definitely not me. 

So I chopped it! Cut it myself at that. Self expression and personal style express you. They showcase your feelings even into a total style which is unique as each individual who takes the effort to express themselves. 

Everything takes some effort if it didn’t everyone would look the same. That would be a boring life that im not wanting to live. I’ll keep my style edgy,youthful and fun. I don’t care if you don’t like it. I like it and that’s what matters. Confidence and happiness will lead you to a happy life. 

And that’s how I feel about personal style. You make determine your style which determines how you feel. So in the end choose what you want not what someone’s idea of style for you.


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