that girl is my sister

As ive gotten older I realize you have less and less friends. Less people will be there for you and less people will talk to you. Its not about going out or going to a party. Its about genuine conversation and compassion. If you cant show compassion for others then im sorry because thats just something everyone should understand. anyway on with my point here. Like I was saying I dont have many friends  I have been re thinking it all over and over and over recently. I found my self thinking about my sister.

We used to hate each other. Im not kidding..

HATE. we argued over everything and anything even if we both agreed we disagreed for the sake of an argument.

well were not 6 and 12 anymore although we didnt get along it was still times i enjoy most when I think about my whole life. She has stood beside me thick and thin. Stupid or smart choices ive had her hell, even if she hates me she still always voiced her thought and i knew she was there even at times we couldnt stand to look at one another.

So this is kinda my way of saying thanks for being a sister. now we are on to new ventures in both our lifes. We both have a spouce and i have two childern and you have 1 but still you get the point. Im not sure why it took me 20 something years to realize she would be my all time best friend.

Theirs noone else like her. The way she enjoys cooking and baking and making smoothies.. or randomly singing songs which i used to think were so damn annoying and now i find myself doing the same.

My sister Photo by me.

she would always dance around the house and we would tell her how she was just in our way. Being the older one tho, I had more of crap to deal with from parents well im not gonna go into details but yeah.. but she was carefree and loving and the definition of happy when she was younger. at the time when i was 16 and she was 10 i thought she was the definition of annoying and messsy. I have learned so much from her tho.

Shes always there to talk even if its in a text. Now were both grown ups and were always busy. but, there really is a bond that cant be broken and thats what a sister is.

So enjoy life. Be happy and always tell your sister that you love her.

Because sometimes im really bitchy

and have to remind myself to stop and be nice

Sister again. Photo by me

“to infinity and beyond”


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