Being a co parent.

what is a co-parent? Two parents who raise a child together but are not in a relationship.

Hardest fucking thing to do. The childs best interest comes first not mine not my husband or my ex. We don’t matter the child does. 

Why is it difficult you ask? First and foremost you never ever speak ill of the other co parent. Doesn’t matter if you think he’s a dick or jerk or whatever. Doesn’t matter so toss that thought Away. 

I can be bitchy stubborn and hold a mean grudge. This has made me not do that. Well not infront of my child anyway I have been a little “bitchy” to my ex when my child wasn’t there to witness it. Well in all honesty I was a crazy lady from time to time. Oh well the past is the past right? Can’t dwell there , I don’t live in the past. I live in the now. This moment is my life and im living it as I type this. Life never stops. So suck it up deal with your shit and be a good damn parent.

Although I honestly don’t like being a co parent because deep down I am selfish i do want haley 100% of the time and I do feel entitled because she grew on me and I gave birth. But that’s the wrong mind set. That’s the “bitchy” me again.. I see that I can’t be that way so I just hold it in. Now I’ll be venting to this blog. Sorry readers! Haha. But I know a child needs a dad. A child needs to feel that love, that bond and connection that every kid should have.

I share my daughter 50/50. We both agree on certian things. Both have access to her medical and schooling. Why? Because it takes two to make a baby.. I didn’t make her alone and won’t raise her alone. Yes I have a husband he is As Great dad and yes my ex is around my daughter because he was for years and that’s just the right move. In all honesty he’s not a bad dad. We just didn’t work out for one another so now we deal with the co parent situation. 

We even have attended school functions and dr apts together my husband included. Yay us!  I feel like we’re doing great!

So to all you moms who cut the dads out of your child’s life. I don’t feel sorry for you but sorry for the mindset and feelings that child has. Even if they don’t show it your going to have a child with some issues down the road. And trust me it’s not going to be easy. Hell it’s not easy being a co parent or a regular parent. Life is hard. If it was easy then their would be no change Challeng or element of surprise. 

So what im getting at is. Im laying here really ready for bed and just think to myself about how much I’ve changed and how successful of a co parent I’ve. Become 

Successful co parents communicate well. The key to success is communicating well with one another can’t do that? Then you need legal help because your never getting anywhere with that attitude. My daughter is pretty lucky. She just doesn’t realize it yet. One day.. Maybe oneday she will.

Everyone loves you little pants. We have changed our attitude, life and sucked it up and did things we didn’t want to. Just for you. 


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