My mom list. 

here are some of my “mom” habbits/advise. For my other moms.

  1. Love your kids unconditionally 
  2. Have mommy and me time
  3. Don’t forget about your husband after all he’s import too. 
  4. Don’t forget to take time for yourself either 
  5. Their will be bad days but the good will outweigh the bad even if it doesn’t feel like it 
  6. Nap time is important even if you don’t get to nap yourself at least you got that price of mind.
  7. Listen. Listen, listen! Your kids are honest and want to be heard! Listen to those tiny brains!
  8. If your going to formula feed serve room temperature it sucks when your kid only wants a warm bottle. Trust me I did that with my oldest.. Whoops… 
  9. Don’t give punishment when angry
  10. Remeber no child has ever died from crying it out. Give your self some space from that toddler that’s melting down infront of you. 
  11. Be consistent with everything 
  12. Their will be messy everything don’t try so hard. Enjoy it
  13. Take lots of of photos because they grow quickly 
  14. Do what’s right for your child not for others
  15. Remeber every child is different
  16. Don’t spend a ton of money on infant clothing they grow so fast
  17. Babies don’t need much to be happy  
  18. The most important thing a mom can do is just simply believe in her children and give them confidence  

Things that have changed for me since being a mom. But that’s okay! 

  1. I never get to use a bathroom alone. 
  2. Same goes with the shower quick and done 😩
  3. My make up only gets done when going to work 
  4. My kids will look amazing and I look a mess.
  5. Im always tired. 
  6. My hobbies are non existent at this point
  7. My friends are… Wait what friends 😁
  8. Personal space? What’s that tiny hands touch your dinner and poke your eyes. 
  9. I don’t ever get to succeed im watching tv unless the kids are sleeping 
  10. I don’t get to have quiet time
  11. I get frustrated even easier at times. 
  12. Somedays I don’t even leave the house now.
  13. I lack adventure other than “mom -ventures”


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